An attempt to revive the KCRW Music Mine App


Updating the Spotify application in April killed off one of my favorite features – the 3rd party app ecosystem.  Spotify’s 3rd party apps let other entities create an app that allowed users to explore music through their lens.  Pitchfork, for example had an app that let you listen to the albums it reviewed, the Hype Machine’s showcased music of randomly chosen blogs it tracks.

One of my favorites was KCRW’s Music Mine.  KCRW is Los Angeles’s public radio station and their app was basically a digest of the day’s radio playlist.  You could get their playlist by listening on their site, or through their app, but doing it in Spotify allowed you to easily add songs to your favorites as well as dive in and deeper explore the music of the artists.

I found more new music using Music Mine than with any other discovery service,  and I was deeply saddened that they removed it.  So I decided to try to duplicate its functionality.

Luckily, KCRW has a pretty well defined API that exposes a JSON feed of their day’s playlist – for example.  Using this, I’m able to create a new playlist on Spotify, and add all of these tracks to the playlist.

You can see, and hopefully make use of it here:

The apartment project is completed

I’d like to keep this blog going, but I have no plans to finish telling a full story of the apartment renovation.   The short end of it is that it was indeed completed.  There are pictures both on Apartment Therapy (and this), and The Sweeten if you care to see the finished result.

Renovating was one of the more satisfying experiences I’ve had, writing a blog post about every step of the way was not.  I apologize if you were hoping for more details, but this project is too far in the past for me to get excited enough to continue writing about it.  Fell free to contact me directly if you have any questions.

Well Hello Apartment Therapy People!

Whoa, this was a nice Monday surprise, I kinda got caught with my pants down here…

Sorry, I meant to finish posting this content, but laziness got the better of me.   I guess Sally, Lil Miss and I were too busy enjoying living here.

I have about 10 more posts planned, and now some motivation to finish them.  Bookmark me!

Thanks for stopping by!

Ikea Cabinets


Not 3 weeks ago, Ikea was a place of joy and aspiration. It was like a toy store for a budding adult who has long had fantasies of playing interior architect with Ikea’s building blocks. But sadly, the process of acquiring their cabinets has ruined the experience for me.

Continue for a rant.



The floor choice has been made and 25 boxes of engineered hickory flooring have been delivered. This was no small feat.  Each box weighs about 75 pounds and had to be heaved off a truck onto a dolly, which we couldn’t lift over the threshold of the service entrance.  So they had to be heaved again, one by one, over the threshold and into the elevator, then heaved out the elevator into the apartment.

Details to follow..