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The floor choice has been made and 25 boxes of engineered hickory flooring have been delivered. This was no small feat.  Each box weighs about 75 pounds and had to be heaved off a truck onto a dolly, which we couldn’t lift over the threshold of the service entrance.  So they had to be heaved again, one by one, over the threshold and into the elevator, then heaved out the elevator into the apartment.

Details to follow..

A Plan is Hatched

Until moving in, the only guide I had for envisioning my renovation plan was scouring the listings on StreetEasy for existing floor plans (you know about StreetEasy, right???).


I managed to snatch this tiny floor plan from another listing in the building.  It’s from another line whose layout was flipped so I had to reverse the image to in order to match ours.  The dimensions were only an approximation so I could only speculate about cabinet widths and appliance configurations.  With this, I would lay awake at night envisioning all the glory I could bring to it.

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After 5 months and countless delays – the seller not responding to our offer, the seller hiring shitty lawyers who did not respond to anyones correspondence, a coop board which meets once a month and loves to avoid bending the rules to accomodate you, and on and on and on, we’ve finally taken ownership of the apartment we laid eys on 5 months prior. The wait is over and Sally and I are proud owners of a shitty slice of the sky in Brooklyn. We couldn’t be more thrilled.


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