Finding a Contractor..


I had a few leads from friends, one from the coop itself.  I cold called people from Craigslist, I even got a few contacts straight out of Googling ‘Brooklyn contractor’.  You can imagine how this went.  It was not fun.

I spoke to roughly 10 of these individuals, most of which were yahoo’s who I could tell were amateurs at best.  Well maybe they could nail a nail, but they were not business people.  The majority of them were not capable of convincing me that I should give them thousands of my hard earned dollars.

2 guys hastily listened to my descriptions over the phone, and made quotes rounded to the nearest $5k interval.  One gave me the decency to do this in person.  He waved his hands and pulled a large number out of the air.  I showed him the door.

This part of the process made me reconsider the whole endeavor in the first place.  It was looking like I waay under estimated how much it would cost to enact my plan, a scenario I was warned would happen.  I was starting to have thoughts that we could make it look nice in here with just some paint and a few good rugs.

However, along the way I came across something called The Sweeten.  The Sweeten is a service which allows you to post the details of your project, and contractors will then bid on it.  The Sweeten lets you see testimonials from other users who have used the contractors in the past. This is a very powerful feature.

If nothing else, I was hoping just to generate leads some leads.  It did exactly this – I got 3 good candidates, all of which were solid.  They all came over and heard me out on my plan.  2 submitted detailed proposals and in the end, we netted a winner.

Jon Eklund of Ecostruct (his Sweeten page here) charmed Sally and I with no nonsense demeanor, a professional looking proposal and a price that … was in budget.

We’ve planed a vacation out west.  We hope to comeback to a new layout.  So many exciting things are happening.

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