Flooring Install Part 1


First things first, I had to rip out the tiles in the kitchen.

My first real task (other than lugging heavy shit in) was a doozy.   The tools were a large floor chisel:


and a hammer.  I smashed my hand several times and was informed by a neighbor 3 floors below that I ‘ruined’ her Saturday.   I guess banging metal on metal reverberates through a concrete and metal structure.   Sorry dawlin.

You can see the old tile here:


And after several hours of banging away, we get this:


Note the gas line hanging out the window above. If you are unsure if the valve is turned off, this is one way to handle it… I kid.  Don’t try this in your home please.



Now that I’ve got all those tiles out of the way, I put down DRIcore subfloor squares to make the kitchen level with the rest of the parquets.  DRIcore is nice, they lock together and have a rubber bottom to protect the floor from moisture.  I don’t think I’ll have that issue all these floors up, but its nice to know anyways.


Day one, complete. Next I’ll start laying down the Hickory boards. I can’t wait to see how this looks.

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